Can Nifty Tag Sales produce a tag with our brand or logo on it?

Yes! Nifty Tag Sales can engrave your ranch brand or logo onto your ear tags. There may be an initial set-up fee then the template remains on file for future use. The brand/logo can then be engraved on the shoulder of the tag, above the numbers on the Large Cow Tags and Medium Calf Tags (depending on the size of the logo) or on the back of the tags. Please contact us for a quote.

Can Ritchey tags have numbers on both sides of tag?

Yes. Numbers can be engraved on both sides of the universal dual colored tags.

When numbering tags myself using the Dremel tool, should I engrave the numbers more than once?

When numbering the tags yourself, it’s best to make a light pass (not too deep) the first time. Slowly grind away the top layer until the center layer is exposed. You will then want to go back over the numbers again with the Dremel in order to expose the maximum amount of the center layer – going wider rather than deeper. There is no need to push excessively hard.

Why are Ritchey tags considered permanent?

Ritchey’s created a dual-colored tag that allows you to engrave through the top layer to expose the center layer. This center layer then permanently displays the numbers/letters ground into the tag – there’s no ink, foils or lasered numbers. The tags have incredible retention and legibility, saving time and money for producers.

Can I use any tagger with Ritchey's Universal tags?

Ritchey’s Universal tags are designed to work with most two-piece button system. You must use the proper tagger/tool pin for the corresponding button. At this time we carry the NEW Ritchey Button (cloverleaf back) in black only, Allflex buttons in white, black, and all colors, as well as the Temple Stockman button in white.

Is there a stencil available that I can place over my tags before I engrave them with the Dremel tool?

Stencils are not available to be used in preparation of engraving. However, it is recommended that the numbers be written on the surface of the tag to act as guidelines. This will assist in creating a more legible number during the engraving process.

Understanding Year Letter Designations for Beef Cattle

International year letters are designated for each year of birth. It is easy to use this option in conjunction with your cattle numbers.

For example, A001 and A002 may be used to indicate the first and second calf born in the year 2013.

2016-11-15 10:09:57

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